Susie Stern answered her call to paint at 48 years of age after raising her two sons.  Her first painting, “The Santa Barbara Mission”,  was inspired by a prayer for the well being of her children.  Once they were grown and on their own, she began to pray for herself and painted a painting of the “Debutante Ball”.  This is when she met and married her “Prince”, and this led to her paintings of the three weddings.  Two of the weddings were for her sons, and the third was a wedding of her own.   

Her chosen medium is acrylic paint, which offers a flat, almost primitive quality to her paintings, and at the same time, the beauty of her colors and compositions adds a quality of sophistication. 

Each of her paintings is a celebration of something sweet in her life, such as her painting of the “Neighborhood School”, where her grandchildren wait to be picked up and taken home.   She celebrates humor in the painting of the “Monks”, who are reading the Bible to the beagle, and in the “Family Circus”, where everyone is a clown performing their part. 

Susie celebrates everything that is spirited and natural in her paintings of flowers, birds, clowns and angels.  Whatever the subject, her style remains constant and can best be described as naïve, colorful, and happy.